Artist Vision
soos portrait

In reviewing fifty years of painting I have focused on two major themes: portraits from the diverse cultures and traditions that I have met during my international travels, and the beauty and importance of the cardinal elements in indigenous philosophy and religion. Portraits are a great joy to paint as I am at ease in communicating with strangers regardless of language. In creating over 100 portraits I have focused on the notion of beauty in diversity.
One thing that we all share on this planet is The Elements of earth, water, fire and air. Studying the elements reveals the mindset of indigenous peoples worldwide and provides a pathway to understanding ancient traditions that the modern world can truly benefit from. In all instances I incorporate the relationship between the micro and macrocosm, as each painting represents the physical world and its connection to the ethereal world. These paintings ask us to study our link to the universe and the common thread that ties all living things together.
Another theme in my work is the collection of Visual Anchors; images that are intended to help the viewer navigate through difficult situations. Choice and discipline are essential in taking responsibility for one's life. If we choose positive vortexes over negative, we can build a foundation for joy and inner peace. I consistently choose subject matter and colors to lead the viewer into contemplation of these essential truths.